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Glass Sailboat Sun Catcher Beaded Curtain Wall Hanging Wind Chimes


Hand Beaded Fused Glass Sailboat Wind Chimes | Wall Hanging

This red, white and black, hand-beaded, fused glass sailboat wind chime is charming and unique. The sun catches glints of sparkle off the faceted glass and crystal beads. The subtle, melodic sounds made by the clinking glass add delightful charm. The bold colors will pop in any environment. Each piece of glass was hand cut, shaped and fused (fired) in the kiln. Specific cooling schedules were used to give this unique piece its final shape, strength, durability and high gloss finish. All beading is done on nylon coated steel wire assuring many years of lasting beauty. Beads used include glass seed beads, various shapes of faceted glass beads antiqued silver spacer beads. Each piece is unique and no two will be exactly alike. Hand-made in the USA.

Made of sturdy 6 mm glass.

Perfect for indoor or outdoor (free-hanging) use. Can withstand winds up to 30 mph and temps down to 40(F).
Measures 6 5" at widest point. Length: 23.5" including hanging ring  

All glass pieces are triple cushioned for guaranteed safe shipping. Ships within 1 business day via Priority Mail.

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