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Fused Glass Turquoise Blue & French Vanilla Striped Square Bowl


ON LOAN TO MIDDLETOWN ARTS CENTER. This item can be replicated and shipped within 4-6 business days.

This geometric glass dish was constructed using the "On-Edge" technique. The use of this technique not only makes for a striking design but it strongly reduces the chance of tiny champagne bubbles normally associated with kiln formed glass. Done in strips of turquoise blue and french vanilla, the metals in these two colors create a reaction causing the color variations in the vanilla strips. This piece required over 140 tiny strips cut from sheet glass, flipped to stand on end or "on edge" and fired to 1490 degrees. A second firing was required to achieve the final shape and high gloss finish. Makes a stunning visual piece and is totally functional for candy, keys or anything you like. 

Made of sturdy 6 mm glass.
Dimensions: 7 7/8" square x 2 1/4"H


Hand-washing recommended. Food safe.

All glass pieces are packed and shipped triple cushioned for assured safe arrival. 

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