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Contemporary Glass Art Swirled Low Profile Floral Sculpture


Modern Abstract Coffee Table Decor for Home or Office

Kiln formed, or fused, glass art sculptures are unique, unusual and always one of a kind. This handcrafted, organically shaped, abstract glass art flower is the ideal accent piece to any home decor. Its soft, flowing lines and abstract design make this a exceptional conversation piece. Looking for a birthday, wedding or housewarming gift that your recipient will treasure for a lifetime? Handcrafted glass art always makes a distinct and lasting impression. Done in swirls of green, blue and white, this piece replicates blown glass in all its glory. It was fired in the kiln for approximately 23 hours. A second firing of about 22 hours was required to give it its organic shape and high gloss finish. This piece also works perfectly as a medium sized candy bowl. Unique and individual, each piece of kiln formed glass art is one-of-a-kind. Handmade in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

SKU: 1017BBG

Measures: 8.75" in diameter and is 2"H. Done in sturdy 6 mm glass

Recommend hand washing. Ships within 1 business day, via Priority Mail, triple cushioned for guaranteed safe arrival.

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