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Contemporary Fused Glass Art Coral Wall Decor


Handcrafted Beach Themed Home Decor & Wall Art

This beautiful fused glass coral wall art is unique and distinctive. Done in colors perfect for a beach themed decor; shades of ocean blue, turquoise blue and sea green flow through this one-of-a-kind piece of coral wall decor. If you're looking for a unique gift for birthday, wedding, housewarming or any occasion, fused glass art always makes a wonderful impression on the recipient.

Each piece of glass coral is handcrafted by cutting art glass, creating and arranging the design inside a kiln and then firing it to a temperature high enough to soften and round off the glass, allowing the colors to meld and flow. The glass is smooth and cool to the touch and has a shiny, high gloss finish.

Simple to hang, just use a couple of small nails with heads to position it any way you like. Quick tip: if you don't want to see the nail heads, touch them up with a blue-green nail polish or acrylic paint. This piece can also be hung in your favorite window making a beautiful suncatcher. Cutting and assembly took about 2 hours and total kiln time for this piece was approximately 24 hours. Handcrafted in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Measures approximately 11.5"W x 12"H

SKU: 1217WBC

All glass pieces are triple cushioned for guaranteed safe arrival. Ships in 1 business day.

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