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Bargello Glass Art Panel Fused Tapestry Glass


Bargello Glass Art | Make a Statement with Fused Glass Art

Vividly stunning colors and unusual patterns are what make Bargello glass so intriguing. Bargello, or Tapestry Glass, is a technique used to give glass the look of woven fabric. Strings of glass are individually placed to create the color scheme. Cutting techniques and multiple firings in the kiln allow me to create amazing designs which take anywhere from days to a week to complete.

Done in varying shades of blue and green, it's mesmerizing yet lively in its own right. It comes with these heavy duty table stands, as shown in the photos. If you would like to commission this piece in other color combinations feel free to message me.


Title: Woven Ocean
The glass itself measures: 13.75"H x 12.5"W. Glass sitting in the stands, 20.5" at widest point by 17" high.

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