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Trying to Pick a Theme for Art Shows

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I've been crazy busy this summer. Working on new techniques, trying out new ideas, doing shows and making tons of new jewelry.


I have several art shows schedule for September and I need to settle on a theme. It's not a requirement but something that makes for a cohesive look to my booth design. That all sounds great but it's not coming together in my head. I have so many new ideas and inspirations that every time I think I have my theme in mind, I come up with a new favorite piece that "just has to be in the next show." Of course, it doesn't fit with the theme I had picked out. Do other artists have this problem, or is it just me?

And then there's the issue of the upcoming holidays and the change in seasons. Do I try to incorporate those within my theme? I just started working on a new (for me) technique creating "sculptured" trees with Fall in mind. I used darker (some were too dark) Fall colors on my test piece and really like how it turned out, for the most part. I will be making some changes to the next piece, but overall, I'm extremely happy with it.


So, now I have a Fall theme but then I just pulled this sweet piece out of the kiln.                                                                            

Doesn't quite fit with the fall theme but just has to be in the next show. See what I mean?

So, for now, I'm working towards using a Fall theme and Fall colors. I guess my favorite bowl of the moment will have to wait until next time.

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